We are Chrombit.

We are Creative Digital Agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We create digital experiences by focused on 3D printer & 3D printing, branding, website design, mobile app development and graphic design.


The values of Chrombit Digital Lab define us, inspire us, give meaning to our work and inform every aspect of our endeavor.


We put ourselves in our client’s shoes. To understand and experience their product to get better point of view.


The success of our work resulted to client’s brand equity that supported by our design and solution.


We work hard so that our design are in the first wave of many market trends and placing our clients as the trend setter or at least up to date with the trends.


Personalize design on marketing collateral and supporting tools raises awareness, which amplifies the effect of all of your brand positioning.


We support clients team to eliminates a significant amount of time-consuming work: Generating ideas and concept, finding graphic design and vendors.


Our ideas are built to made. Tailor made exactly to what our clients needs based on their background story.

3D Printing are one time service solution to design, build, customize, and print your custom products. We also provide 3d resin for your DLP and SLA printer needs.

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We provide services in web design, web development, web maintenance, mobile app development, graphic design, and 3d printing.

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