Digital Branding and Activation

Our talented Creative department will bring your ideas into reality by visualizing and focusing concept with execution to reach out to your customers across the digital ecosystem.

Website Design and Development

We craft and develop fully responsive website that fits your brand to maximize revenue opportunities. As well as maintenance which one of our continual services that we provide to keep your website up and work smoothly.

Creative Content Management

We can provide incredible content creation with creative direction and execution to reach out to your customers across the digital ecosystem.

Branding design and Printing

We provide full brand and identity design service to define what’s special about you and what you have to offer. We put our design work with the image of your brand to be more than just being pretty.

Mobile App Development

Create your own custom and innovative mobile application (Android/iOS) to target customers who are more digitally engaged than ever.

Mobile App UI/UX

We create a design not only for aesthetic but functionality too. Your mobile application should easy and user-friendly for your customer

Android/iOS Application Development

We develop custom, native Android and iOS applications for enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs across the globe by understanding business needs and deliver robust & scalable solutions to match

3D Solution

We can create and develop 3D representation of your customized products with computer-aided design tools. We print using self-developed Korean-technology 3D DLP Printer for your more detail model/prototype.

Custom 3D Modelling and Printing

Our talented and skilled 3D artists will deliver 3D models of any complexity and assignment. Print to it detail up to 25µ with various resin type based on your needs.

4thWave DLP 3D Printer

We sell and distribute 4thWave LS-Series 3D Printer (DLP) developed in Korea using Korea advance technology at a competitive price. Designed as an integrated post processor, no need any additional cost bring an amenity for the task and boost our customers’ productivity.

4thWave Resin

The 4THWAVE Resin is a photo-curable resin that has been developed exclusively for best result of DLP/SLA 3D Printer. The resin manufactured in various colorand offers a variety of functional materials such as tough, flexible, and soft materials at a competitive price.
Check our 4thWave 3D Printer Website