Smart Order and Payment Solution

Papayapp is a pre-order and payment solution. This app solution enable people to order food and drinks before they arrive at the site and make it easier for people to make digital purchases for their daily needs with more rewards from customer loyalty. 

With this one-solution app, user can use feature for F&B pre-order and delivery, e-wallet, payment (utility and pulsa), and store loyalty program from the merchant.

Smart Campus (Allytte)

It makes campus life smarter and easier.
There are 6 function that you can get from this solution.

  1. e-Attendance
  2. Open Course Concierge
  3. Plugin Service
  4. Mobile identification
  5. Smart Messaging
  6. Facility Reservation

Touchless Solution

This is an  Automation Solution that requires touchless or contactless commands to do such as  Air conditioner, lightning, curtain, door, term humidity sensor,  and so on that able to integrate with Google Assistant/voice